Impact Machine provides agricultural machine components such as small bracketry, as well as high stress rod ends with swivel bearings and pivot pins used in spray booms. These components make up some of the original components manufactured when Impact Machine was first incorporated and encompasses more than 10% of our total business.

High Stress Componentry

We have extensive experience fabricating high vibration componetry for the commercial agriculture industry used in wide-span boom systems that need to perform in the toughest conditions with minimal maintenance. Our innovative fastener fabrication process utilizes spiral lock roll form tooling for high speed production thread forming, which increases thread integrity and reduces thread loosening by improving the physics of how the threads interact. We can fabricate and machine components using virtually any material needed, from common aluminum alloys and stainless steel to heat treated 4140 alloy, which is harder and stronger than stainless steel, to the hardest and toughest Inconel alloy 718.