One key aspect of industrial crane component design are the materials from which they are made. With in-the-field failure and liability being a major concern, material certification and trace-ability is of pinnacle importance.

Our material selection expertise can put your mind at ease regarding critical material selection and certification. If choosing a 4340 Chromoly material or 17-4 stainless condition H1150/H1025 that needs to meet a minimum tensile, yield, hardness, and Charpy Impact value, we have the experience and knowledge to select the materials which meet or exceed your requirements. We have also partnered with certified vendors to meet all non-destructive testing requirements on weldments for both magnetic particle and dye penetrant testing.


Gear Cutting

We also have extensive experience large tooth gear cutting for gears up to 17" in size. In 4340 40Rc material we can machine these gears faster and more precisely than conventional gear hobbing machines. With the use of our gear software we can produce solid models of the gear to program a perfect profile. With use of our Mazak FH6800’s rotary table or one of our 4-axis machining centers we can ensure quality in each part.

Pivot Pin Manufacturing

Large pivot pin manufacturing from several different types of materials including chromoly alloys and 17-4 stainless steel’s condition H 1025 and 1150. Several different styles of these require deep hole gun drilling which we are capable if preforming in house. Our FH6800 with 1000 psi coolant system can drill H1025 stainless 24” deep with ease.

Helix Feed Shaft Cutting

Impact Machine also has the knowledge and skill to turn customer supplied 2D prints into 3D models creating everything that is needed to program our live tooling lathe.

With our Mazak live tooled lathe we have the ability to turn and mill all features in the same machine to produce perfect alignment between all features.